Saturday, June 28, 2014

The most beautiful eggplant flowers and other thoughts on growth...

True fact:

I have never seen an eggplant flower before... today.

Sure, I know that fruit and veggies come after the flowers go, but this is my first time growing the most delicious purple eggplant. That means this is the first time I have experienced the wonder and purpleness of the pre-veggie flower.


Nature can give and take, so it is thrilling to be able to grow stuff... flowers, herbs, veggies, trees.

Here is a sugar pumpkin going like mad!

Imagine your livelihood depends on a good season. After a good season you are happy and successful! But what if you have a bad season? Time spent, money spent, land used, and no crop. Yikes.

There is no guarantee in farming, which makes farmers all the more brave risk takers.

Why do they do it? It is in their blood in many cases, and they just can't help themselves... the rewards are endless, and the challenge is compelling.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the flowers of eggplant as well as all growing things!

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