Monday, June 30, 2014

Don't keep me hanging on the telephone....

I'm a music fan, and also a rule follower.

Proof positive:

As a junior high school girl, I called my mother at work one day.

We were not supposed to call our parents at work.



Unless the house was on fire, and we could not put it out by ourselves.

But, I must have had a dire issue, so I called my mom at work, at that time she was the Wickford Baptist Church secretary. Since we lived in the Davisville end of town, it was approximately 10 minutes away.

My momma answered, but got another call or something, and asked me to hold.

I held... for 1 minute, for a few more minutes, for even more minutes... until after about 15 minutes of hanging on the telephone line, she pulled into the driveway!

Promptly, I hung up the phone to meet said momma at the door, where she sweetly replied.... "Oh, I forgot I put you on hold."

All I can say is laugh out loud!!!!

Which leads me to the music portion of this blog, Blondie's "Don't leave me hanging on the telephone"..   Enjoy!

I am a Putnamaniac that does not like to be kept hanging on the telephone, although it sure can be funny at times!

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