Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Caution, caution ~ Cops ahead!!!

Picture this....

Early 1960's in small town Rhode Island (yes, the state...the smallest in the union)...

A small street, with sidewalks on each side ~ straight, flat, easily sped upon, although the speed limit is a mere 25 mph.

It is named School Street, because even with no imagination, you can figure out there are schools on it. As a point in fact, there are also churches on it.

Zoom in on a small boy, standing on the side of the street with his blonde crew cut hair. He waves furiously at passers by, yelling "Caution, Caution, Cops ahead"....

Approximately 1/4 of a mile further north on the street, sits a town police officer with his radar gun, quite a new technology at the time, aimed at on-comers, generally speeding, but today moseying by.

What gives, wonders the cop?

The passers by probably do not hear what the boy's message is, but they are compelled to slow down to attempt to learn.

The cop eventually gives up and heads back to the station.

The young blonde boy heads to the woods to catch a salamander.

This story is not fabricated. It is the story of my father (NKPD police) and my younger brother, Skee. That is a story that will never leave my mind, ever.

I am a Putnamaniac that is always cautious of cops ahead!

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