Friday, July 18, 2014

Time goes lightly with early morning songs (birds and Harry Chapin's)!

Early this morning I went out for my wake up jog.

It puts my mind in such a good place ~ a happy way to start the day.

The birds were singing away - in fact I heard a mockingbird belt out 5 different imitations on my way past him.

Back in the yard, I fiddled and putzed about ~ deadheading, weeding, watching dragonflies light on vinca vine, enjoying the eye candy of pink, blue and velvety purple morning glories... ahhhhh. Time was completely forgotten.

I was singing Harry Chapin's song "Let time go lightly" in my mind.

Then it occurred to me that I had to get ready and go to work, where time does not always go by so lightly.

Do you have a place and/or thing that you love to do so much that time goes by lightly? Tell me about it!

Here are the sweet lyrics I was singing this morning ~ he says a mouthful:
I let time go lightly when I'm here with you,
I let time go lightly when the day is through.
I keep a watch on time when I've have work to do,
I let time go lightly with you.

Morning, a time for breaking ground and sowing seeds,
and yet we give up our sunshine
so we can buy what we need.
That leaves the evening, to share a fire with a friend or two,
to lose sight of the hours
To go lightly with you

Old friends, they mean much more to me than the new friends,
Cause they can see where you are,
and they know where you've been.
Music, has been my oldest friend, my fiercest foe,
cause it can take me so high,
(High.....) Yes it can make me so low.

When I was a child my mother would help me along
She'd rock me to sleep and sing me a song.
So I learned to love the music of all the tunes in my mind
the changing of chords, the rhythm of time.

Yes I let time go lightly with you, and a fire, and a friend or two
With you and a fire and a friend or two
A friend or two and you 

I am a Putnamaniac that loves when time goes lightly! 

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