Sunday, July 6, 2014

James Taylor and the Berskhires might think they are up 3-0, but I say NAY to that!

The other day I made my third trek to see James Taylor at Tanglewood, located in the beautiful Berskshire mountains on the MA/NY state lines.

It might appear that I am 0 for 3 in these missions to have some enjoyment.

Facts and stats:

Year 1: My best bud had tickets, invited me, I accepted the invitation. He noted it was an outdoor venue. We drove into the city of Boston, found the address he was looking for, which looked like nothing but a concrete jungle everywhere. We parked. We hoofed all of our picnic type items to the door of this behemoth building, where a kindly security told us we were supposed to be in Lenox, MA for this particular concert. That is on the other side of the state of MA - a good 2 hour drive, but we decided to go for it anyways. Off we went, arrived, parked, sat down, where my bud promptly spilled most of the bottle of wine on me! JT sang his last song, and it was over. We listened to some JT cds on the long drive home. But.... we still had fun and a great story to tell.

Year 2: My best bud and I planned much better, and we knew where we were going. Got out of work after just a half day, and had a room ready for us when we got up there. We got to the hotel early, before concert time, and opened it up to a smell of what must have been the world's longest and smokiest smoking party. Holy cow! We opened all the windows and bought candles and assorted deodorizers, etc., if efforts to clear out the stench. The concert was wonderful, but when we got back to the hotel, the smoke-not-so-tastic aroma was overpowering. We swam in the pool, took a shower and thought with all that fresh air and water in our lungs, we could make it through the night. However, I was as sick as a dog the next day, and the plan to hike in the area turned into a long car ride home. Yuck. But.... we still had fun and a great story to tell.

Year 3: JT took last year off. He was pooped from doing so many political fund raisers, and he decided to give me a  break and not bust my chops for one summer.

Year 4:  Just occurred. I had bought tickets months and months ago, when I had a different job than I do now, and would have been able to get out of work after a half day again, in order to have ample travel time. Not so anymore... scheduled to work till 5pm left only 3 hours to get up there and settled. The car was loaded and ready to go, my hubs came and picked me up, and we hit RT 395. Immediately my good old faithful car's dials went crazy, spinning and revving in a not good to travel a long distance sort  of way. We turned around, unloaded the car, and loaded the truck. We were off... again. Traffic on the MA Pike was bumper to bumper a lot.... the skies were growing darker as we went. The traffic into Tanglewood was endless as well, and now it was pouring viciously along with much thunder and lightning. It took us 3-1/2 hours to make what should have been a 2 hour drive. We slushed in through all the mud, set up our chairs and umbrellas along with all the other wet JT loving attendees. I did not bring my camera or phone in for photos, since everything was truly drenched, but I drew this sketch up, and it sort of looked like this from where we sat...

We were soaked and missed some of the show... But.... we still had fun and a great story to tell.

I am a Putnamaniac that thinks the score is 3-0 me, and not the other way around!


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