Sunday, July 13, 2014

Johnston and Associates ~ Made our dream come true, and we are loving it!

Closing in on a year (we are at the 10 month point now) since the purchase of a home that we thought had great potential, inside and out, we have realized that potential and are loving it! The house is lovely, and the yard and gardens are amazing after a lot of work. We had the vision!

Check out the change in the sunroom before and after pics ~ this is my favorite room now, which I knew would be great!

Before- we ripped down the drop ceiling, tore off wallpaper, and then some...

After- I love this room, with new ceiling, paint, new floor, new windows, and my cozy stuff...

How did we do this?
With a lot of hard work after the purchase, and for assistance extraordinaire with the purchase, we thank Rachael Johnston of Johnston and Associates with all of our hearts. 

If you are looking to buy and/or sell your property, please contact Johnston and Associates!

They will make your dreams come true!

I am a Putnamaniac that had her dreams come true thanks to Johnston & Associates!


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