Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A new feathered song can make your heart take flight in moments!

I was not enjoying drudging along at the end of this day... but I was still drudging.

Finally home, cooked & enjoyed dinner, doing dishes, thinking I was feeling a bit pooped out, when from out of the corner of my ears I heard a bird song...

It was not one that I was familiar with, and I make it a point to be familiar with as many as possible.

The sponge got tossed and splashed into the suds, and out the back door I went with my bird book in hand.

The bird's unique song was sung and drifted so lovely on the summer evening's air.

Still, I could not spot the feathered opera star...

I inched closer to the source, as quietly as I could.

The singing stopped, a flutter of wings took its place.

My lovely and unknown bird was gone...

If you want to learn more about bird songs and calls, check out this great Cornell website - you will be hooked! 

I am a Putnamaniac that urges you to keep your ears open for moments of joy!

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