Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Don't miss Les Mis' or you will be miserable!

Les Mis'erables. 

Unless you have been under a rock for all of your born days, you have heard of this great literature and all other artistic pieces that have branched out from it.

I've read the book, seen the musical show in Boston on a huge stage, seen the movie, seen the musical in Providence on a slightly smaller stage, read the book again, listened to the cd a bazillion times, watched endless youtube clips... So yes, I am a fan.

The story itself is compelling. Victor Hugo personalizes a look a living through a historical brutally time during the French Revolution. As we look back in history, we tend to look at facts only, and we forget that people did live their lives through those terrible times. Anne Frank and Eli Wiesel are just a few who have needed to remind us of those lives...

Although Les Mis' is fiction, it rings true to a portrayal of the everyday man and woman thrust into a life and time's events that they had no control over.

As with many great pieces of literature, the book was made into a musical with some of the most heart touching music and lyrics ever.

We all remember Susan Boyle's performance of "I dreamed a dream", as that song can ring true to us all for a variety of reasons. Susan herself was the epitome of those lyrics.

This big show, featuring superstars from NECT and other local New England talents, will be playing at the Hyde School in Woodstock, CT on August 1, 2, 3. Check out the schedule and purchase tickets here. 

Do not miss this show! As I am on a tight budget at this time, perhaps the tightest of my life (vowing not to touch savings from all my earlier years), I have my tickets and am going to this show! I can skip a few meals as this will be totally well worth it. Budget your money and get to the show. Tickets are only $20 (and just $15 for the Saturday afternoon show)!!!!

I am a Putnamaniac that will not be miserable. I am going to Les Mis'!


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