Friday, November 21, 2014

Make Way for Ducklings! Reading is really fundamental!

Remembering back to earlier days, I recall the big push and lots of PSA's/commercials dubbed "Reading is Fundamental". 

Do you mean to tell me that reading had to be and still has to be promoted?

Considering myself quite lucky that I've known this secret for most of my life, thanks to a mother who walked us over to the Davisville Free Library since before we could walk, I hope that you, too, love to read!

It matters not to me what takes you away... history, sci-fi, the classics, cheesy love stories... as long as you allow it to take you frequently.

What is better than to travel to 18th century Paris, witness someone overcome demons, solve great mysteries, climb a mountain, without having to leave your living room (or better yet your bed)?

Years ago a friend told me his new year's resolution that year was to read 12 books - one per month. Kind of like an exercise for the mind. He did it!

I love that goal setting and reaching type of thing. That is also my goal every year, but I manage to do a lot more, because I love to go places! A great way to accomplish this goal (and to find endless choices of books - for FREE) is to go to your library. You have a return date. You must read the book in that amount of time. EASY!

Today I got to be a guest reader for a bunch of tiny tots at the Pearle L. Crawford Memorial Library, where my dear friend is the children's librarian. It was great! "Make Way for Ducklings" was my choice, and I have loved it and Robert McCloskey's other books as well forever.

Make time to read. Our lives are quite short in the big picture of things. Take time to read, to exercise, listen to music - enjoy and take care of yourself. Reading - it does a body good!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to read!

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