Saturday, November 1, 2014

Terri's Embroidery does a great job for small money (I think maybe she isn't charging enough)!

I'd been thinking about getting some Putnamania Team t-shirts, but figured it would be too expensive...

I even knew what I wanted to have printed on them...

But I only needed a few, so figured it would be too expensive...

Or no one would produce such a small quantity.

HA! I was wrong, and I am SO GLAD that I went to Terri's Embroidery & More in Putnam.

Not only is Terri a friendly and familiar face, she is honest about what she can do for you, knows her product inside and out, and most of all - she is QUICK and INEXPENSIVE! ...Like... I feel like I did not pay enough! That is a great feeling to walk away with.

I chose my nice bright green t-shirts (LOVE the color and feel), emailed Terri the image I wanted, she screened them, and here they are!

*Note that the green color is not shown well in this photo I took*

So, I highly recommend Terri and Terri's Embroidery to you! She can do lots of stuff for you. Do not be shy - just ask her!

I am a Putnamaniac that is very impressed by Terri and her business, Terri's Embroidery & More! 


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