Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We are the Putnamaniac Team - and I sure am proud of the members!

So we have this little team of Putnamaniacs in Putnam! Where else, of course?

How did we meet?
It seems that we were meant to be a team - it might have been predestined.

Two of us met through facebook (believe it or not facebook has some great qualities, including keeping people in touch easily and introducing new people) and our common love of our local WINY Radio. I used to hear a young boy on WINY Radio. He went on the air with Gary O every time there was some sort of fund raiser going on. This youngster and his mom always brought in a donation - and they still do to this day. It matters not if they are short on funds themselves that week, they make some sacrifices and bring in what they can. This is a family teaching their children well. There is no doubt the children will give back to society throughout their entire lives. It is a part of them.

Three of us (2 were already friends) met as we volunteered for Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT (back then it was actually Habitat for Humanity of Northeastern CT). These two gals did not shy away from the dirty jobs, and there were plenty.

What else do they all do and have going on in their lives?
Families. Friends. Work. Pets. Church. Other volunteering responsibilities...
What do we do as a team?
We are doing some 5ks and that sort of local event to keep moving - our official team name is "Putnamania - Team Move it or Lose it"!
We do a "trash mob" by going out every other Sunday morning for just an hour to clean up whatever rubbish we find on the streets of the town that we love.

On the second Wednesday night of each month, we volunteer at our local food bank, the Daily Bread.

Do you get the point I am making here?
These are GREAT people. It just shows that giving people keep on giving. They chip in for a good cause. They work on community! I love them and what they do!
Get involved! It does a body and soul good!

We are the Putnamania TEAM

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