Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Joshua Smith connection - kind of like my Kevin Bacon game!

The Kevin Bacon Game - remember that game, also known as The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?

...or is it how ever many degrees of separation from Joshua Smith???

The Joshua Smith game is much more familiar to me.

This is what happened and shows what a small world it really is.

I had the pleasure to first meet Pastor Joshua Smith this past summer, as he was preparing a summer arts program. He needed all sorts of print materials, signage, etc. to make this program happen. Since I was working at Chase Graphics at the time (they do all sorts of fabulous printing), we met there.

Pastor Joshua was very organized, polite, had a plan/vision, a great program and was so easy to work with!  This guy got two thumbs up, and if I had more hands, he'd get more thumbs up!

Time passed, the event passed and so did my visits with Pastor Joshua.

Turn the clock forward a few months to the Putnam Great Pumpkin Festival. I was set up there as a vendor, selling my Putnamania greeting cards and a-Luring Jewels. Up steps Pastor Joshua and his family. He said that he'd heard of my new position with The Last Green Valley and googled to see where exactly the office was, since he had been nearby and wanted to visit. In his google search appeared me and this blog of mine.

That connected the dots for him.

Can you believe that approximately a year or so ago, when Pastor Joshua was looking to relocate to the Putnam area from Oklahoma, he googled a lot to see what kind of place Putnam was. He read my blog, which tries to show the positivity of the community as well as all of the fun family offerings there are in our town and close by. He enjoyed it and looked forward to moving to such a great place!

Can you believe that although we'd met earlier in the year, neither of us knew of that connection at the time!?

I am pretty glad that I have the Joshua Smith connection, and even though it is not a close one, it is a familiar and good one. Coming across good people in your life is a gift. Keep seeking them.

To find out more about Pastor Joshua Smith and The Green Valley Crossing Church, click here.

I am a Putnamaniac that loved playing the Joshua Smith Connection, or the six degrees of Joshua Smith!

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