Sunday, March 1, 2015

Impossible not to love & admire Kies Orr of Fort Hill Farms!

Do you know Kies Orr?

She is inspiring to say the least. 

Kies is one of the family members that runs Fort Hill Farms in Thompson, CT. 
They are also one of The Farmer's Cow family farms. 

Basically I know Kies through her hard work, and through her momma, Kristin, who is majorly proud of both Kies and her sister, Lily. 

But I also know Kies because of the hard worker and sensible person she is. All through her school years, Kies was up and out with the dairy cows, then went to school. After putting in a full day of school and participating in the usual after school activities, such as running on the track & field team, back to work at the farm it was. Dinner, homework, a little sleep. Next day, repeat.

Kies spoke often on the local radio station, WINY, throughout her high school career, as a mouthpiece for the FFA program, and also as a guest on "Redmen Roundup", the weekly spotlight on the high school's sports stars. Eloquent and at ease all while being clear and concise. That was Kies' style, because that is who she is.

That was just up through high school. 

Next it was off to college, where Kies was still working harder than many I have known.

That sounds like an awful lot of work, and not much spare time, doesn't it?

Yet she has never uddered.... I mean uttered one complaint. Why would she? This is her. This is her life. She is true to herself. 

I was inspired not for the first time tonight again as I read Kies' facebook post:
"Why do you "farm" people ask me, "If the future is so bleak? Why keep on losing money when another job you can seek? You've got a choice to make a change, why do you stick it out? We just don't understand your mess and what's the fuss about?" I look at them they'll never know, nor will they understand. The joy, the pride, the peace I feel when standing on this land. I took this picture this morning after milking was done, sunrise over the cows and the barn just melts my heart. This dairy farm runs through my blood and I won't give it up for anything!"

You go Kies! You are an inspiration and impossible not to love!

I am a Putnamaniac that thinks Kies Orr is pretty much amazing! 


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