Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Neil Diamond, a 78 year old Italian man, my BFF make for an emotional night!

Generally I am one who loves to show my very happy & enthusiastic emotions, and keep the sad ones to myself.

That theory and practice went out the window tonight.

As I was leaving the parking lot from a good day's work, on time, I had a text from my friend's husband.

She is my BFF and like a little sister to me... I love her to pieces.

Her mother passed away. Today. It was also my BFF's anniversary today. What a day for her.

As I drove north on Rte. 395 and cried my eyes out, my heart was breaking for my dear friend.

My hubby is not a fan of seeing me upset or crying, so I pulled myself together before arriving home. I was picking him up to head out to the Neil Diamond concert in RI. Neil is a class act and was on my bucket list. (Barry Manilow is still on that list)!

So, off we went, with me only having a moment to text my BFF a few x's and o's .... I know her heart is breaking, and I can't help her, nor make it stop.

Once the hubs and I arrived at the concert, we received upgraded seats. Awesome! Very good seats.

As I sat down, I said hello to the couple next to me. The old fellow had me at "hello". We chit-chatted about technology, like cell phones and computers, which he and my hubby quickly agreed were "no good"! The wife and I humored the men folk. This gentleman told me he was 78. They were the cutest couple ever. All dolled up and still going out on dates!

Neil Diamond was fabulous.

I almost cried 8,788 times....


The old fellow next to me- 78 years young - sitting next to his bride and singing at the top of his lungs, then clapping and whistling after every song was just amazing.

Music gets to me. All I could think of was my BFF and this couple beside me.

All I could think of was how life can get you.

It always goes on.

I am sure that adorable couple sitting next to me have had some bad, sad, and trying times in their day, but tonight, they were acting like teenagers again.

I just wish my sweet friend was not having a trying time right now.

I know they have to come, but if they could all just be "sometime in the future..." with that future to never come.

I am a Putnamaniac that wish me and Neil could make everything ok for my BFF


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