Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Stew & Story enjoyed at The Inn at Woodstock Hill

I just got home from dropping off my friend and former neighbor off after enjoying a great night of "Stew and Story" at the Inn at Woodstock Hill. 

It was her idea.

I had never been.

It.......... was............ AWESOME!

The Inn itself is just fabulous, and I have enjoyed it in the past, but this "Stew and Story" was my first.

Tables are set so nicely with cheese, crackers, fruit...

A choice of a few soups is all yours, including a vegetarian choice! Refills if you'd like are offered, too. A bowl full of assorted rolls.

And if this all wasn't nice enough, after you are through enjoying a nice meal, you gather to listen to a reader.

The first tonight chose Ernest Hemmingway. He is not one of my favorites, as he can be quite depressing... However the reader chose a rather nice piece.

Back to the tables for a light dessert and coffee. Relaxing, enjoyable.

And then another reader, who in the case of our second offering was actually a story teller. She told 2 lovely tales!

The night was certainly enjoyable, and I will absolutely do it again!

Price = $25 each. That bill is common now a days, and I feel like all things considered, (the setting, the service, the food, the entertainment, the atmosphere, and a great night out with a friend & the hubby), I got the bargain of the century!

I suggest that you keep your eyes open for the next time a "Stew and Story" at the Inn at Woodstock Hill is on, and make your reservations, or just go for lunch or dinner!

You will love it.

I am a Putnamaniac that just loved every minute of Stew and Story at the Inn at Woodstock Hill!

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