Friday, December 29, 2017

Fly like an Eagle ~ at least watching them soar is a benefit of frigid temps!

Winter in northeast Connecticut can be many things.

Recently it has been frigid!

Temps barely into the teens, and lots of times not even that high.

An amazing benefit to day after day of these sub-freezing temps is that as the smaller bodies of non-moving water start to freeze, the faster moving rivers stay open.

The Quinebaug River, running through the middle of Putnam, is one of these rivers. Paired with scenic Cargill Falls, waters remain open when other areas freeze.

Eagles, now members of our  community, must move to the limited open waters in order to eat and survive.

Recently these eagles can be seen often perched in a tree or soaring over the Quinebaug River.

They. Are. Huge! Looks like a person sitting up there in a tree!

What a pleasure! What a treasure!

After a few years of the eagles becoming more common sights in our neighborhood, the best part is that people are still excited to spot them! I hope we never take such sights for granted.

As a team member for The Last Green Valley that participates in the annual mid-winter eagle survey for the state, I'm thinking our chances are good to spot one of these miraculous beauties along our designated area - the Quinebaug River in Putnam.

Learn more about the bald eagle.

Enjoy Steve Miller Band's Fly Like an Eagle - because there is a song for every thought!

Come and Discover Putnam, take a walk, and see the eagles!

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