Tuesday, December 19, 2017

This Putnamaniac's Focus is Back and on Kids' Christmas Excitement!

After a few years hiatus - far too many years away from my previous intentional focus on a bit of good every day - this Putnamaniac is back!

It never took long to find an amazing, positive, funny, thoughtful or otherwise good thing to focus on every day. By sitting down to record the experience simply etched it in my mind and reinforced all the good that the world has to offer, particularly here in my community in northeast Connecticut, specifically Putnam.

Three sweet little girls reminded me today that it is vitally important for me to take time again to refocus on the good.

They sat huddled together, playing some kind of silly game on an ipad. Big eyes, curls, ribbons, and even a pink arm cast adorned this trio.

I joined them and squeezed them tightly into the corner of the booth they were enjoying while we "grown-ups" had a meeting at another table in the Courthouse Bar & Grille in downtown Putnam.

Giggles ensued! Success!

The talk of the jolly old elf, Santa himself came up, because of course Christmas is only 6 days away!

While clicking my fingers on the table, I told them to listen carefully for this sound on their roofs in a few nights, because surely it meant the reindeer had arrived with Santa himself!

Suggesting they stay in bed, close their eyes and pretend they were asleep if they heard this racket from the reindeer, one looked me clearly in the eyes and sweetly and innocently said "You can't fool Santa. He knows when you are sleeping, and knows when you're awake."

Of course we then all sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town!"

Nothing is better than a conversation like that.


Season's Greetings to you and may blue skies with flags flying and sweet giggling little girls grace your days!

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