Friday, December 22, 2017

Home Sweet Home - thanks to one artistic Kat!

I love houses!

I love buying houses, and making them mine all mine, then moving on leaving them for someone else to make their own nest.

My home loving comes in all shapes and forms.

Wooden cut outs, birdhouses, pixie homes, elf doors...


See that nice red house on the upper right, with the fall tree?

YES - that is the newest to my "house" collection - added tonight. 

Painted by my sweet friend, Kat. 
On the back: "Marcy, dear friend, love Kat."

Kat loves red!
Kat's house is red!
When I see red, I think of Kat and all the fun we've had, all the walks & talks we've had, all the cries we've had - and I can't wait for many more of them. 

If you have a friend even close to as special as my friend Kat, then you had better count yourself in the lucky side of life. 

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