Thursday, December 21, 2017

KPRD + WLT + JG = sunshine in my life, every time!

If you don't live in northeast CT, you may not know what KPRD + WLT + JG are.

Let me fill you in on how no matter when I see them, or what I am doing with them, they bring sunshine into my life. Today, I was shined on by all three!

KPRD = Killingly Parks & Recreation Department.
Recently I had the pleasure to dress up as the red-nosed reindeer for the Town of Killingly's "Frosty's Night Out!" Kids hugged me, I hugged kids, we high-fived, we had photos taken. Inside the costume I smiled from ear to ear, although no one could even see my face. It was sincere pleasure to take part in that community night. With all things that I have done with Tracy & Anthony and the entire KRPD team, it is always a wonderful experience!  

WLT = Wyndham Land Trust.
This group does some of the coolest things each year, like the Summer Solstice Gathering and the Winter Solstice Gathering. Today, the shortest day of the year, we celebrated the Winter Solstice as we generally do, at the Lyon Preserve in Pomfret. It was rather mild today, and with some snow on the ground we found HUGE turkey tracks, and lots of deer tracks. Chit-chat, a warm fire, snacks, hot chocolate, and welcoming smiles were shared. It was hard to get this group to stand still, but what a great shot of some awesome folks!

JG = Jimi G.
Jimi Gothreau is a great guy, well-known and loved throughout northeast CT and beyond. Every single time that I see Jimi G, we have a valuable, sweet, touching, thoughtful conversation. He sees things in life that we can overlook or let slide by without treasuring them.
We've talked about witnessing the port-o-john guy doing his job with sincere pride.
We've seen a new mom bend down to fuss over her new baby in a stroller.
Tonight we talked about a really nice old fellow recently passed that I only knew of, but one that Jimi had the pleasure to have spent some time with.
All in all, we can laugh and be silly, but when it comes down to it, I wish I had more conversations like the ones I have with Jimi G. They are ALWAYS the best.

So now you know the A, B, C's of sunshine in my life! I hope you enjoy much of the same in the things that make you tick!

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