Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beadmania took place today at Beads over Main Street in The Flying Carpet Studio!

As I climbed the stairs in The Flying Carpet Studio up to the heavenly Beads over Main Street, I had no clue what I was in for this afternoon!

Holy beads Putnamaniacs!!!

This shot is only about a 25th of the beads to choose from - tons of styles, icons, themes, textures, colors - You get it - there are tons of beads!

My friends (a mom and twin almost 9 year old sissies) and I were on a bead date, after a yummy lunch at 85 Main. (Dad enjoyed lunch with us, but opted for a little coffee and wifi at Victoria Station while us girls beaded it up).  

One sister made 2 stunning bracelets, and the other sister made a bracelet and a pair of seahorse clip on earrings. I made myself this great necklace with green leaves, and I plan on wearing it whenever I volunteer for The Last Green Valley. It is just perfect!

If you are looking for a fun activity with friends of any age, the Flying Carpet's Beads over Main Street is the place to go! It is a blast, you get to be creative, and downtown Putnam offers a ton of other fun right within walking distance of The Flying Carpet Studio's Beads over Main Street!

We clearly enjoyed a lot of fun, food, and creativity all within one square block in just a couple of hours this afternoon! You can, too! Come on down and check out every inch of fun in Putnamania!

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I am a Putnamaniac that enjoyed Beadmania today with my friends!

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