Friday, January 17, 2014

Discovered ~ a fine young gentleman!


I was so hungry and pooped at the end of this day...

Even though I have planned out meals and shop every week, ahead of time, sometimes at the end of a body beating, brutal day, I just can't cook any meal for my little family of me and my hubby.

So, I scooted into Price Chopper after work, praying I'd find something acceptable to the digestive system and a healthy choice.

I found that and something so much better.

As I trailed behind a short mother type, with her 6 foot + son type pushing the shopping cart, I overheard his advice "yes, mom ~ I do love these, but we can do without them this week."

As I went to pass them, he politely pulled aside and said "after you, ma'am. "


I passed the mother type and praised such a great guy! She beamed proudly. Who wouldn't?

Hopefully you came across such good upstanding youth today!

I am a Putnamaniac that discovered a fine young gentleman this evening!

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