Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gathered my acorns for a little winter warmth tonight - how 'bout you?

It is winter, and we are all freezing!

It seems to be a bit colder lately than most winters, but since the temps are one rare thing I do not compulsively keep a year to year running log of, I am just guessing.

I am rather sure that every winter I think it is a bit colder than the last.

You know how we people can be - living for the here and now.... it tends to make us think that this moment is always the coldest, or the hottest, the best, the worst....

And they say other living beings have short memories....

Tonight I am warming up by baking a classic ~ New England acorn squash ~ filled with kidney beans and a sliver of cheese on top... ready to melt and blend this mash into a delicious and warm evening dining experience.

Color me happy with anticipation as I wait to enjoy the acorns (squash) that I gathered for the cold winter months.

The little things make a life. They make it great.

Enjoy yours!

I am a Putnamaniac that gathered my acorns for a little winter warmth!

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