Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Last Green Valley celebrates a score in 2014!

Four score and seven years ago...

Wait - that is the wrong speech.

One score and zero years ago, The Last Green Valley became a National Heritage Corridor.

That is 20 years to you and me.

 Here is a shot of mine I doctored up. It is TLGV float for the 2013 Holiday Dazzle Light Parade ~ our pre-parade gathering. We were grand marshals in celebration of kicking off the 20th anniversary of TLGV.


20 years of what? Two things - The Last Green Valley is a 35-town National Heritage Corridor in eastern Connecticut and south-central Massachusetts, and it’s also your member-supported, non-profit stewardship organization working locally to celebrate our heritage, conserve our natural resources, and respect our working lands.

Check out this great youtube video about The Last Green Valley. Open spaces, rivers, history, agriculture...

I love where I live!

I am not only a member of The Last Green Valley, but I'm a volunteer ranger, too. 

You can be, too! Join for dirt cheap, and enjoy the many benefits, most of all, living in a still mostly unpopulated area - approximately 78% still remains as forests and farm lands. 

This membership makes a great gift for family and friends, too! Hint, hint, hint! Be creative and generous in your gift giving this year, making The Last Green Valley's 20th year a great one! 

You can "like" The Last Green Valley on facebook here.

 I am a Putnamaniac that loves living in and volunteering for The Last Green Valley!

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