Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Artistic guy painting some "happy little trees"... and heavenly NECT pastoral scenes!

Yesterday morning I was on my way to work, trucking along Rt 44, at just around the Putnam/Pomfret line.

Listening to WINY Radio.

Thinking about what needed to be done once I got to work.

Looking forward to dinner later that evening! (Of course ~ food is my favorite)!

And there on the side of the road, across from that big farm with multiple barns and all those hay rolls neatly lined up, (by the Longmeadow neighborhood), was an artist with his easel set up, and he was painting.

He was painting "happy little trees", the wide open and green fields, the blue sky filled with clouds that brought to mind a million things. One looked like Dumbo the elephant. One looked like an old man with a pointy nose & chin and kindly eyes.

How could I not think of Bob Ross and his PBS show teaching us all how to paint "happy little trees"?

The scenery is really something at this location, every season, every day, but yesterday was really even more spectacular than usual.

I am so glad that artist pulled over and situated himself to take advantage of a perfect subject; a heavenly Northeast CT pastoral scene.

I am a Putnamaniac that loved seeing that artistic guy on the side of the road taking advantage of a great and typical sight in NECT!

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