Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Deer flies, West Thompson, Watermelon Smoothies, and laughing at Smokey & The Bandit - oh what a night!

Some times the perfect mixture of events makes me smile and very content.

After work yesterday, we headed to West Thompson Dam for our evening walk, instead of the usual Putnam River Trail.

The sometimes grumpiness of a not so easy day at work still cast a bit of a shadow on us both.

And of course, it is hot, humid, and ultra buggy. I mean, it is summer in New England!  (I love these conditions... my co-walker... not so much).

The deer flies were pretty aggressive, so basically I try to out move them. Walk as fast as I can, and it is no big deal to me.

My walking partner however.... not so much. I had to conceal my smile at his continuous rantings, towel waving, and hand swatting as the expletives flew ~ "These deer flies are relentless...this is terrible...we are never coming back here until winter....THIS IS MISERY"!!!

We survived the walk!

After entering a nicely central aired condo, and having taken a shower, my co-walker extraordinaire was in a much better mood.

Homemade spinach pies for supper and a great 98 calorie watermelon smoothie (blend 2 cups watermelon, 1/3 lowfat greek yogurt, then add ice as needed) for dessert only increased the good mood.

I exited the living area to send a few emails from the other room.

Soon, all I could hear was chuckles...quiet and subdued at first, then expanding into full blown belly laughs. Thank you AMC for showing an all time favorite, Smokey and the Bandit!

It is great to see someone turn their day around with the perfect mixture of events!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to smile when others are happy!

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