Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coventry CT Farmer's Market - all that it was billed as ... and more!

So, yup, today was my first visit to the Coventry, CT Farmer's Market.


It is like a Farmer's Market on steroids!!!

Chief Ranger Bill of The Last Green Valley has told me about how amazing this Farmer's Market is for years.... he is pretty excited about most thing like this, so I kind of took his praises with a grain of salt.... until I arrived at the grand market...  So although I have always trusted Chief Ranger Bill in the past, I will certainly trust him forever more.

A wonderfully sunny day full of fresh air indicated that the day indeed would be fantastic.

Our booth, for The Last Green Valley, was located directly next to an herb farm booth. Ohhhh, the smells....

There were fabulous vendors from all of Northeast CT and our fringes.

There were also fabulous businesses there visiting the market, such as The Farmer's Plate, from Thompson, CT.

How nice to see folks enjoying themselves, visiting each other, open to conversation.

Good times. Memories to be made forever!

Visit your local Farmer's Markets and support local farming!

I am a Putnamaniac that loved visiting the Coventry Farmer's Market!

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