Thursday, July 11, 2013

Linda Eder Al Fresco in Rotary Park this Saturday, July 13, 2013 ~ What a chance to see a FREE show!

Linda Eder.....

I was oblivious. I did not know who she was.

My mother's friend, however, was right on top of it. She is a HUGE fan of this great performer.

Way back in early, still chilly spring, she started quizzing me about the Linda Eder concert coming up in Putnam this summer. Apparently it was listed on long before it was announced locally here in town.

I am no chief of detectives, but when I saw the date of July 13, 2013 on Linda Eder's schedule and also saw the same date listed as a River Fire, well.... duh... it sure did look like Putnam's al fresco event was going to feature Linda Eder.

photo courtesy of 
The Last Green Valley

Next, I needed to discover a bit more of this talent.

WINY Radio has been a huge help in informing us folks that were not so up to snuff, but soon to be fans. The station's promotion of the event features snippets of Linda Eder's music. WINY has also been featuring a song every morning. She sounds GREAT. Sort of a Barbra Streisand sound... great pipes!

So now I am just as excited as my mom's friend!

How can you lose? A super talented, big time performer in Putnam's Rotary Park, accompanied by her musicians, the Seven Hills Symphony Orchestra, AND a River Fire.


Putnam knows how to bring on the best times ever... Memories are being made all the time, to savor forever.

Never fear, Putnam does not rest on her laurels after a big event, but goes right to work on the next big thing.

See why I love my town!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves her town and all the great events!

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