Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bousquet Memorial Garden. Simple, Sincere, Beautiful, Nice!

There is the nicest, littlest, simplest, most sincere, beautiful memorial garden on the River Trail in Putnam.

I never had the pleasure of knowing the fine man that this garden is dedicated to ~ Steve Bousquet, and that is my loss.

However, I know so many that love him and speak of him, that I feel like I know him.

It also appears that his son and daughter in law are carrying on the hard working and humanitarian efforts that Steve himself started at Bousquet Appliances and TVs.

I am honored and breathless each time I pass this garden ~ and not just because I am not a physical specimen huffing & puffing jogging by, but because I am in awe of someone that can affect their friend, familys & neighbors in such a spectacular way. I aspire to be that awesome.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves, respects and is in awe of someone who is a complete stranger to me, yet still affects me so positively!

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