Saturday, October 25, 2014

Find yourself in Putnam and fall in love with life!

I was never much of a stay up late type of person...

It seems that I now have reverted back and turned into that toddler that tries to stay awake as long as I can, even though my eyes are blinking and my head is nodding.


Simply because I live in such an awesome place that I fear missing out on something fun!


 Find yourself - your "true self", to borrow a phrase of a friend. A place where you can be you. This amazingness and self awakening seems to happen when you like your life, yourself, where you live, and who you see every day. These people are similar to you, yet independent and unique. They are wonderful! They talk - and listen, smile, work hard, and have fun.They do not take life for granted. They overcome fears and bad times.

I would think they put something in the water here in Putnam, but alas, Putnam's water has a bad reputation... so it just must be that great of a place! It is!

Here are some vital websites you will need if you need to learn more about, visit more, and maybe move to the best place to fall in love with life:
The Last Green Valley
Discover Putnam
WINY Radio
Johnston & Associates Real Estate

I am a Putnamaniac that found a great love in life in Putnam!

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