Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Turtle Tuesday celebrates our little friend, Ms. Box Turtle!

Since I already did a little research on the Box Turtle for work, I figured since we all love turtles, why not use this info for today's Putnamania blog.

I mean, who doesn't love a turtle?

But, did you know all these fun facts?
Meet the Box Turtle, who are on their way to hibernate now. Box Turtles will emerge again sometime next April.
*Males have red eyes, Females have brown eyes
*They are home bodies and generally live their entire life in a small area, averaging over about 2 acres
*Box Turtles can live from 50 up to even 100 years!
*Once hatched, Box turtles are on their own and fend for themselves
*Boxes are the only CT turtles that can withdraw completely into their shell & close themselves in, like being folded up safely into a box. It takes 4-5 years for their shell system to develop & allow them to do this, therefore young Box Turtles live in more danger than their older family and friends.
*As omnivores, Box Turtles eat worms, slugs, insects, frogs, toads, small snakes, grasses, berries, fungi and more.
*Don't disturb turtles, since they love to live in and enjoy The Last Green Valley

You can get more facts on the Box Turtle, as well as other CT turtles by checking out the CT DEEP website here. 

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the Box Turtle residing here with me in CT!

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