Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rotary Roses - it is that time of year! Order yours now to brighten up someone's day!

If you like to make someone's day or put a little sparkle in someone's eyes, you now have the chance!

The Putnam Rotary Club's annual rose sale is upon us.

For just $15 dollars, you can order a dozen roses, and bring them to a special someone ~ maybe your better half, your coworker, a friend, your neighbor, or maybe just leave them on a doorstep, ring the bell, and run!

Notice that the roses are coming from a local florist, Windy Acres in Woodstock

Call WINY Radio at 860-928-1350 or Rachael Johnston at Johnston and Associates at 860-923-3377 to order, or any other friendly Putnam Rotarian you may know and love.

What do you say?

Pay a little friendship, fun, and kindness forward.

You will feel great!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves Rotary Roses!

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