Saturday, October 4, 2014

Witnessing a random act of kindness - what Putnamania is all about!

A few years ago this "Putnamania" blog started because I wanted to focus on something positive each and every day.

It really did the trick for me, and if it amused anyone else along the way, that is great, too!

Although I find that as my life and schedule have changed over the years, I don't always have time to sit and write a blog every day. Yet I still find something positive every day. Most days I find a plethora of positive and uplifting things. Isn't that nice!

Yesterday as I stood in line at the bank, in a local grocery store, I heard an older fellow trying to use his new debit card for a small purchase at the self serve register, and also trying to get a bit of cash back. Most of us are familiar with these contraptions, but this guy was not getting it. After attempting to enter his PIN number one too many times, he was frozen out. Embarrassment was clearly written all over him. He softly said "sorry" to the cashier trying to help him, and slunk away empty handed, without his little dinner, and feeling goodness knows how.

Then a sweet voice spoke up from the self serve register beside his; "Sir, I'll take care of that for you". No fan fare, no hoopla. Just someone being nice, kind, and considerate.

The gentleman turned and smiled an eternally grateful smile.

End of story, although I almost cried it was just so touching.

If you see someone that needs some sort of helping hand, sincerely, for goodness sake, reach out and help them. I know that common sense and good judgement are needed in some situations, but we all have those qualities, along with kindness, don't we. (That is not a question, that is a statement).

Keep your antennae up, and help where you can and where it will make a difference. It takes people to make a better world. We are all people and are responsible for being good ones.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves a good random act of kindness! 

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