Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tiny insects carry large interest!

Can you imagine being so small - like the size of an ant or a bee and yet having so much focus on you?

Tiny insects do seem to have a large focus on them!

Take a look at this video, made for kids, of all ages about insects' sounds on youtube. 

Today I saw 3 young adults standing in fascination and shooting lots of photos with their camera/phones along the Quinebaug River Trail in Killingly.

As I approached, I slowed to see what captured their attention on the fence post.

The gal smiled widely and exclaimed "It is a praying mantis"!

I know how she feels. We had this mantis living in our window boxes for quite some time this summer.

Enjoy the autumn concert that the insects are now belting out loudly every night! The insect night songs will soon quiet for the winter months.

Also enjoy a song, Cockroach Cacophony by Aztec Two Step, one of my favorite groups from days of not so long ago it seems.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the large impact of tiny insects!

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