Monday, October 6, 2014

Who wants to join "Putnamania ~ Team Move it or Lose it"???

This fall time of year ~ not the middle of the day so much, but the early morning dark & cold moments, and the early evening closing in dark & cold moments can really cut into my outside time.

That = cutting into my jogging time.

So..... I always try to find some motivation to get me through it, and most importantly to keep me moving.

I'm going to start a team; "Putnamania ~ Team Move it or Lose it".

The idea is that we will attend local races when they are available, as a team, whether we individually choose to walk, jog, or even slog (slow jog), we will all be there together, and support each other as we prepare for each event, too. Biking is great, too, when the race allows. We have many great races in NECT that support many great causes.

When there is not a race on tap, we will all meet and move it along some local path or trail occasionally, too.

This should work to keep us all motivated! Right?

Who is with me?

Join "Putnamania ~ Team Move it or Lose it"!

All ages, abilities, and moving choices are welcomed.

We can only improve our own lives and all of those that we touch.

I will work on a logo and even find out about t-shirts, so everyone will be able to recognize "Putnamania ~ Team Move it or Lose it".

First up is the CNB Turkey Wobble/Trot on Sunday, November 9, 2014.

 I am a member of Putnamania ~ Team Move it or Lose it! 

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