Saturday, November 10, 2012

85 Main ~ simple, understated name for a fabulous place! Right here in Putnam!

Putnamaniacs are so lucky to have so many wonderful dining options downtown (and all within just a mile or so of where I live).

Today my neighbors and I got together for a leisurely lunch and visit at 85 Main, located guessed it, 85 Main Street.

We have been trying to have a few hours together for about a year and a half now, but with life being so busy, today was the first time we all had available.

It was worth the wait, as we dined and visited, chit chatted and laughed.You will note that my neighbor, Connie, smiling on the right is 90 years old. Connie and her daughter, Pam, smiling on the left, live beside me, and I could not have chosen better neighbors. They are caring and fun, and they know the owner of 85 Main, soft spoken James Martin. They even got a kiss from him!

Since I have dined at 85 Main without Pam & Connie, I know the food is always outstanding, even if you aren't on kissing terms with the head honcho!

There is something for everyone, and it is prepared to perfection and presented like a piece of artwork.

Top shelf. No other way to put it.

If you have not tried 85 Main, come and visit. If you have not been recently, get back there ASAP, as you will be delighted once again.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves 85 Main and enjoying a leisurely lunchtime visit with my fine neighbors there!

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