Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Dazzle Light Parade marches forth aglow this Sunday night (Nov 25, 2012)!

If you want to get geared up for the Holiday season and enjoy the feeling of community, you must visit Putnam for our Annual Holiday Dazzle Light Parade!

The date is Sunday, November 25th, starting at 5pm. The parade route starts on Grove St, heads down Kennedy Drive, loops back up Providence St, then back down School St to the point of origin on Grove St.

Last year was my FIRST time! I loved it. Talk about stimulation and good old fashioned fun!

It is loud, it is fun, it is bright and aglow with lights!!! It is a PARTY all along every step of the approximate 1.5 mile parade route.

Well over 100 entries are signed up for this year's parade - everything from Fire Departments, to Jeep Clubs, to Organizations, to musicians and bands performing, to all other sorts of Clubs, to families, to local businesses, to cows!!!  And plenty more!!!!

Floats are built, lights are affixed, horns are tested, music systems are powered up, voices are tuned up!

This Putnamaniac will be marching with The Last Green Valley! After all, it is where I live, and where I love to live! Here is a shot of one of the parade "paddlers" from last year's parade:

You can "like" the event: Holiday Dazzle Light Parade on facebook here.

Come in to town early, park, enjoy the parade and then some dinner at one of our many great restaurants.

For more fun events going on in Putnamania, check out WINY Radio's event calendar here.

Putnamaniacs know how to dazzle and throw a great party!!!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to be dazzled by the Holiday Dazzle Light Parade!

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