Friday, November 30, 2012

Picking up fun guys (or fungis) on the River Trail!

There are so many reasons for getting outside, in all seasons, and in almost all weather...

Fresh air pumping through your veins is always invigorating, and I swear it is a reason that (knock on wood) I rarely get sick, not even the sniffles.

The views are always great, no matter if it is nature, other people, or architecture that you are seeing.

Another great reason to get out is that you can pick up fun guys! Well.... in my case, it was actually a fungi I picked up on the River Trail, but check him out!

He did not want to let go of the stump along the river, and I don't blame him. It is gorgeous there. However, I will give him a great home, put him to work as part of some artistical project, and give him a good home with me!

                             (Yes, I did make up the word "artistical", but I like it)!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to pick up fun guys (and fungis) on my jogs!

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