Thursday, November 22, 2012

Grow a turkey for Thanksgiving ~ one of my favorite stories dedicated to my brother, Skee!

Farmer Nubbins is a character I created, based on my family and some of the stories that I remember from childhood. Farmer Nubbins is more specifically based on my father...if you knew him, you would understand.

In any case, I have written a few children's stories featuring Farmer Nubbins, and hope to do more at some point in time, when I have more time.

This is one of my favorites, dedicated to my little brother, Skee, who is always sorely missed.

Farmer Nubbins’ Friend Grows a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Farmer Nubbins had a visitor one day in the fall long ago.
It was a young boy, who had something he wanted to grow.

If you want something to grow, a farm is a good place to be.
Farmer Nubbins’ vegetable garden went as far as the eye could see.

Skee was the blonde boy from just down the road,
and as he came to the farm, from his pocket jumped a toad.

The toad hopped away as quick as he could.
A boy’s pocket is no place to be, so the toad hopped quickly into the woods.

Skee loved to collect things in all kinds of weather,
and on this fine chilly day, he’d found a beautiful feather.

When Skee picked up the feather, and idea came into his head.
Maybe the feather would grow if he planted it in a garden bed.

Since Farmer Nubbins had helped Skee many times in the past,
Skee went there quickly, he needed to act fast.

Every day the weather got colder and the sun went down in earlier in the sky.
Thanksgiving Day was coming & Nana soon would bake pumpkin pie.

Skee wanted to plant his feather and grow a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
The family would feast on the turkey, carving it thinner and thinner.

Farmer Nubbins couldn’t believe when he heard Skee’s plan.
He gathered all the farm animals and told the whole clan.

“Skee wants to plant this feather and grow a turkey to eat” Farmer Nubbins told all the animals, as he paced on his feet.

”We can see your confusion, Skeeter, but turkeys don’t grow out of the ground.”
Then Farmer Nubbins reached into his pocket & pulled out an egg, without making a sound.

”Eggs are where baby turkeys come from, if they are kept warm in a nest.”
“Their mothers sit on them, warm them, and get lots of rest.”

“The moms sit and sit on the eggs until they are ready to hatch.
When the chicks are ready, they peck their way out & the eggs start to crack.”

That is the way little turkeys come about.
Lots of other creatures start out just the same, there is no doubt.

Well Skee felt a little silly now that he understood,
but it is good to learn new things, and he wanted to learn all that he could.

Skee said goodbye to all the animals, it was getting very late.
He wanted to get home, and gobble up the dinner that’d be on his plate.

“Thank you Farmer Nubbins, for the lesson of growing turkeys for Thanksgiving Day.”
“I shall remember it always, and I know I will learn many lessons along the way.”

Story notes:
This story is based on the story of my brother “Skee” – a character himself from day one – who picked up a chicken feather from our yard, and wanted to plant it and grow an Indian. Childhood memories are funny, since my recollection was that Skee wanted to grow a turkey, hence this story came about. My elder family members reminded me it was actually an Indian he wanted to grow. This turkey theme still works for me!
written by Marcy B. Dawley, April 2006

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to remember heartwarming stories of my childhood!

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