Friday, November 16, 2012

Lessons from the young, who learn from the grownups ~ Circle of life

Grownups teach the youth.

In most cases, the parents or guardians take up this task, since they do spend valuable time with their children.

Children learn how to behave, how to give back, how to be compassionate and understanding, how to laugh at themselves, how to live a good and productive life.

However, in some cases, it is turned around that the grownups learn from the children.

Take my friend, Seth. He is the short guy in glasses, not the cute turkey man.

Seth is 7 years old, yet has the wisdom and outlook of an 89 year old sage.

He teaches me something every time that I see him.

For instance: Putnam Ford/Project Northeast held their annual food drive at WINY Radio in Putnam today. Seth saves up his coins all year long for this food drive. He gladly & often passes up some of the smaller things that other kids might never want to give up, and rarely do.  He understands that not everyone may not have as nice of a life as he does, with a loving family, a welcoming home, meals and snacks to eat, support and love. Seth is thoughtful of others, and he also has a great sense of humor.

 Sethie making sure his big tube of coins is safe in the bed of the Putnam Ford truck, that will hopefully be full at the end of the food drive.

As I made my donation this morning, I was glad to do it, although last night while writing out the check, I was not feeling so generous...I was selfishly thinking something like "if I didn't donate so many local groups, I would probably have my condo paid off in quite a few years less than expected"...When I see what 7 year old Seth sacrifices and is glad to offer what he has to the community, it sure does change my outlook!

If you met Seth's parents and grandparents, you would know where he gets all of his good traits. They teach him well.

I thank the moment I met this kid and his family. This grownup has learned once again from the youth. Circle of life! Keep an open mind and heart as you travel through life.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the circle of life as grownups teach the kids, and kids teach the grownups!

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