Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'd like to deposit 1 pint, please, to the Blood Bank, of course!

One of the greatest things about getting out walking or jogging is that you get to see stuff!

Recently I spotted this sign in front of St. Mary's Church, 218 Providence St, Putnam, while out on a walk with some friendly Putnamaniacs :

The nice thing about this event, is that it is on a Saturday. I will be in Putnam, so I will stop in, roll up my sleeve, and separate myself from some type A+.

It is pretty easy, and most times when you give blood, you get a snack. I am all about the snacks! Plus hopefully you help out someone who needs your blood type. 

If you live in Northeast CT, stop in and make a deposit to the Blood Drive, Saturday, March 2, 2013 from 8am-12:45pm at St. Mary's Church, 218 Providence St, Putnam.

I am a Putnamanaic who loves to make blood bank deposits!

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