Monday, February 4, 2013

Is a 16 pound cat fat???

My next door neighbors are so cute.

I don't see them often, even though we live in the same building!
(Mother and Daughter live in and own the condo that is in the other half of the building that houses the condo that I own. One building, two condos, next door neighbors. Pretty simple).
We check on each other occasionally...

I fill the bird feeders so their cats, Molly and Bruce, can enjoy the avian shows during the days. 

Today I got a text from my neighbors including an update that one of their cats, Miss Molly, weighed in at 16 pounds at the vet! I replied back that she was one fat cat!

But, then I started thinking about it ~ is 16 pounds a lot for a cat? I have no clue! Fill me in with the facts folks. How much does your cat weight??

I googled to find some "fat cat" pictures, and there are some funny ones! These are my favorites (and Miss Molly does not look anything like either of these)!

 ...and why does this "fat cat" have more money than me?

So, "weigh in" and tell me how much your cat would be nice, too! 

I am a Putnamaniac that wonders if a 16 pound cat is indeed fat!

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