Friday, February 8, 2013

We are We NECT!!!

I grew up in RI, and there are definite "areas" in RI. South County, Down City, West Bay, East Bay. Every town belongs to an area, and the news is covered for all areas, whether it is television, radio, or newspaper coverage. 

When I moved to Northeast CT some years ago, the woman that I bought my first CT home from instructed me that we in NECT were really not a part of Hartford (so she suggested I should not get that newspaper), but we were more a part of Norwich (she suggested I should get that newspaper to keep informed).

After a short amount of time as a NECTer, I realized that we are really not a part of Norwich either. The CT television and newspaper coverage does not include our lovely area unless there is a major catastrophic event that has taken place here.

During storms, if you look through the lists of cancellations scrolling through the bottom of tv stations, they are endless, and if you blink, you miss the one you were looking for after all that.

However, we are so very lucky to have a local radio station (WINY Radio) and a few local newspapers (Putnam Villager) in NECT. They are we. They work hard to keep us up to date, and when we need information about our area, we get it. I have found that since I moved here, it is a rare occasion that I watch tv news... I tune in to our local information sources, since that is the news I want.

 So, as I am snuggled into my home sweet home as the "Blizzard of 2013" unfolds, I am up to date with local information thanks to WINY Radio! How about you?

Here is a shot of a past snowstorm here in Putnamania (as of yet, today's storm is giving me nothing spectacular to capture).

You can "like" WINY Radio on facebook, and you can also "like" the Putnam Villager on facebook.

I am a Putnamaniac because WE are WE, NECT!

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