Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kids - never fail to make me smile! Do you agree?

I get a kick out of and true joy from kids.

I mean, take a look at a beaming, drooling smile of an infant or toddler, and you understand.

A few smiling faces just warmed my heart on facebook. These are the faces of my friends kids. Precious is not even close to describing their value to me. Imagine what they mean to their parents.

Earlier this week I sadly attended calling hours for a family's grandmother. While we were there, a shining, smart, beautiful four year old girl distracted everyone from the reason for having to being there. Using her Mom's cell phone we called a few folks, such as Donald Duck and Santa. Giggles were enjoyed when we asked Santa to make sure the elves were busy making hoola hoops, bikes, and UNDERWEAR! What silly fun.

So, what happens to us as we grow up and older?

Let us all try remembering those little smiles when we are having a tough moment. They are sure to lift us up.

Don't let life get to you for too long. Remember your inner child. Smile, and even drool a little if it makes you feel good!

I am a Putnamaniac that gets so much joy from children!

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