Friday, February 1, 2013

Toot Toot Feet Feet and other incorrect song lyrics!

The best thing "they" ever did was put radios in cars!

Every night on my way home at about 5:45, the whiner line is on WEEI sports radio. It is hi-freaking-larious! I could not get home without it! You can hear it online here, if you don't get this Boston station in your car.

Then, for the rest of the ride home, I play the "scan" game with myself. Literally just hit the scan button and try to guess the song each time the channel changes. It is stupidly fun, and you get to catch some great songs that you had forgotten about.

Tonight, I stopped the scanning to listen to Donna Summer's Bad Girls in its entirety. It flashed me back to years ago...that song and disco were in their heyday. Some of the classic lyrics to this song are "toot toot, beep beep". A little boy I knew of about 10 years old loved that song... but he sang "toot toot, feet feet" at the top of his lungs! What enjoyment he got out of that song, as I enjoyed his mislyrics and his youthful exuberance!

Other mislyrics I have had friends & relatives admit to are:
"Christmas is coming and Bruce is getting fat" (instead of the goose is getting fat)
"Ladd free Dom free" (instead of let freedom ring)
The list goes on... what mislyrics will you admit to??

So have fun in your car, with the radio, lyrics, memories, and entertaining yourself always!

I am a Putnamaniac that was singing "Toot toot, feet feet" tonight in my car!

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