Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rays of sunshine ~ before sunrise and after sunset! Only in Putnamania!

Putnamania was created and continues for me - my goal will always be to find something positive every single day.

We all know it can be a tough world and even when we are having a great day, we know someone who may be dealing with something tragic, sad, maddening.

Yesterday was one of those days ~ when I knew of a family having a very bad day ~ an event changed them forever.

As my day unfolded, I kept wondering where I would find my positive focus. And I even felt guilty trying to find something positive when I knew others were suffering.

It turns out I was fortunate enough to find two rays of sunshine, without even trying.

  • The first beams at me before the sun arises, when I get to Midtown Fitness at 5:30am. Miss Emma greets all comers with a bright and sincere smile. My good friend, Kat, is also there to sweat on those evil treadmills with me. Although I see them both almost every day, I would be a fool to take seeing them for granted.
  • The second beamed at me after the sun had set, when I traipsed into Price Chopper after work for some veggies. As I turned the corner into the soda aisle, since I heard the ever tempting Diet Dew calling my name, I bumped smack into a great guy that I had not seen in probably 9 months, and it was his birthday! Hugs and chit chats were exchanged. I wish there were enough time to see everyone, all the time!
So, Putnamania will continue, to keep me focused on the positive, and help me to remember that sometimes the greatest things are right in front of you. Keep your eyes open.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves every ray of sunshine I get!

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