Sunday, December 28, 2014

An unexpected hike = unexpected fun!

I love to hike!

But, I also love to plan!

Sometimes I am teased for my planning, but since planning seems to work for me, and I try not to affect anyone adversely by my planning personality, I'm sticking with it. In fact, I hope that I have brought some fun to others by planning activities that they may have joined and enjoyed with me.

So you can imagine it was a wonderful surprise to be driving along on this damp, dreary and mild winter morning and to pass nearby a place that I had been only once before to hike.

You can also imagine that is was a wonderful surprise to decide to stop and hike the place again!

Southbridge MA was the place.

I love Southbridge! It has some great old buildings. It has some very nice people. It certainly has a lot of history. And it has some great places to hike!

It is amazing to me how many places I have learned and found that there are to hike - such as conservation commission lands, land trust lands, and other like properties and preserves. These are places that exist, but are far less advertised spots with hardly any fancy signage at all compared to State Parks & Forests for instance. These places are there, and you might drive right past them, but you don't even  know they are there! Unless.... someone has given you a guided tour!

For years I have taken advantage of The Last Green Valley's Walktober and also their member programs. I have discovered many new places to visit, hike, enjoy. Most times you are there by yourself or with a fellow walker. It is wonderful.

Maybe I am basically a lazy person, but instead of searching high and low for new places to discover and visit, I use others to lead me to them. I am happy to return to these locations over and over again and to introduce my friends to these same hidden finds!

I am a Putnamaniac that enjoyed unexpected fun on an unplanned hike today! 

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