Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The best gift EVER!!! Proud Membership to The Last Green Valley - or whatever is a good fit!

People complain about their money and financial situations all the time.

I get that - it is standard fare, like the weather.

The realization that some folks are in dire financial straits, even though they are working hard and cautious with their money is also understood. Been there, done that.



Don't you think we should be very cautious, choosy, picky, even quite thoughtful about what we spend our gift money for?

I do!

If you have family or friends and feel obliged to give a gift on special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries... whatever... do it thoughtfully.

"Stuff" is not always as long a lasting gift as something as thoughtful as a membership or a donation to an organization meaningful to the giftee or some time together with that special someone - maybe tickets to a show to enjoy together - or a nice dinner out to have some visiting time.

This past year I saw a 70 year man receive a rare birthday gift, but one he loved from a friend. Since they are both hunters, one friend presented the 70 year old birthday boy a permission slip from a land owner to hunt on his land. This was rich territory, and the birthday boy has hunted vigorously on that property this season. What a cool gift, even if you don't like or agree with hunting. It was thought out.

Recently someone else made a donation to a hospice care organization, who provided wonderful care to that person's loved one in their final days.

Since I've volunteered for The Last Green Valley for some years now, and am actually a staff person now, I always think of the gift of membership or a donation to this fine organization.

However, I think that you should think about your gifts, and your money, and what that hard earned money that you spend will mean to the person on the receiving end. Give it a try! There are many great gifts out there, that will do some good in the world!

I am a Putnamaniac that likes to "give" well thought gifts! 

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