Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chase Graphis offers the best service and product ever ~ and they are local!

Chase Graphics is the name of a local business. This is their logo, and they recently celebrated their 25th anniversary.

The 2 words "Chase Graphics" does not come close to describing everything they do.

Let me expand on this and enlighten you...

I had the pleasure to work on the employee side of the counter for a time at Chase.

You drive by their building and it looks quite peaceful.... quiet even.


That place is hopping from the start to finish of each day, and even stretches out to each side of that business day.

It was shocking to me how many times a day the phone rang and how many people came through the door (...the front door that is. Many more folks came in through the back door where the shop is located! I didn't keep track of them)!

An average of 25 calls AND 25 walk in customers came through Chase Graphics doors every day! That does not count all of the emails received, their sales team's orders, and yes, even still some good old fashioned faxes that rolled in every day.

Chase Graphics' list of services and products is endless. Chances are that you have received lots of their work, in your mail perhaps - in the form of an annual report or advertisement. You see their menus out at restaurants. There are business cards passing hands everywhere, thanks to Chase Graphics. Calendars, wedding invitations, newsletters, event tickets, funeral programs, show programs, signs on the streets, for special events and in businesses are courtesy of Chase Graphics.

Need a logo? They do that, thanks to their very creative design team. They are not cookie cutter designers. They do not have a style - they create what you describe to them. Imagine getting the idea out of your head and into something visible? Yup - Chase Graphics does that.

Enlargements, laminations, printing photos, scanning old memories, banners for trade shows, coozies for family events... the list is endless. If you are wondering if Chase Graphics can do it, just ask them. Chances are, they can!

How do they do it? Great people! Hard workers! A family - literally as owners Jimmy & Deb are married, their sister in law Kathy is part of the team, and Tracie, Danny, Jenn & Melissa have worked their since forever, some from the beginning (and before). There are some other great talents chipping in at Chase, too - Mike the Mailman, the Whittler, Big Paul and Carolyn to name a few.

So, stop in and see what Chase Graphics can do for you!

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