Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The aloof red tail hawk regards us from above!

Hawks are not uncommon in Northeast CT as well as many other places.

It is still a thrill to see them, especially when you can get rather close to them. They are huge!

Early one recent morning as I jogged up the frosty country road, I spotted a big something up on a utility pole.

Since the sun was bright, and shining in my not so sharp four eyes, I was not quite sure who was up there.  This fellow was looking directly at me! Could be an owl or a hawk at first thought.

I jogged off the road and down the path to get a bit closer, hoping for a better glimpse, especially if the head turned so I could view the profile and beak, which tells a much better story of who you are looking at.

He turned, and indeed it was a hawk, sitting aloof, not caring a bit about what I was up to.

As I approached he took wing, showing off his wingspan and grand tail. A red tail.

Awesome! Just me and him. Out in the Northeast CT countryside. He could care less. Off he went to take a seat on a branch beside a big cut cornfield, in hopes of finding some breakfast.

I continued home myself, for a glass of water & a cup of coffee, but I was happy to have shared a few quality moments with my big winged friend.

What a great way to start any day!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the red tail hawk and all my winged friends, even if they could care less about me!

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