Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Bradley's A Christmas Carol is worthy of 2 blogs in a row!

My last blog from a few days ago was titled Bradley Theater Tickets are great gifts! Kick off the season and gift giving with A Christmas Carol!

That blog was written BEFORE I went to see the current show at the Bradley, which is indeed A Christmas Carol. 

I am telling you that you MUST see this show! Last night was the first performance, and they nailed it! The characters are cast perfectly, and although I am quite partial to the Bradley, love every show, love to volunteer there, love the business manager, Pat, my opinion was not influenced by any of those things.

It was really amazing, which is something to say about a show that you've seen every which way over the years, plus you read the book every Christmas! I felt so touched in a new way by the story that I felt close to tears a few times.


But true.

I would seriously suggest that you treat yourself to the Bradley Playhouse's A Christmas Carol. There is still time!

 I am a Putnamaniac that thinks the Bradley's A Christmas Carol was very worthy of two blogs in a row!

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